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R Bioinformatics Book review by Sunil Gupta, SAS, CDISC and R Corporate Trainer and Author, Founder of R-Guru.com

While this book is ideal for biomedical applications, the author transforms this complex topic to a language that is easier to read! The step-by-step instructions follow a cookbook similar to recipes. It is obvious the author has in-depth knowledge and real-world hands-on experience with R. The book has sections for each bioinformatics subtopic to explain tasks, how and what R codes to execute, line by line, and references for more information. This blueprint is ideal to help guide readers of all levels.

This book has good structure and programming style as well as logical content. A complete end-to-end work flow process is reviewed with the appropriate R packages as solutions to complete tasks. This saves reader’s time so they do not have to search and review R packages. In addition, when ready, readers can produce publication quality tables or graphs to share or to post online as Shiny apps. Readers in this field can jump start their understanding and progress toward getting projects started as well as keeping to tight deadlines!

R Bioinformatics Cookbook - Second Edition: Utilize R packages for bioinformatics, genomics, data science, and machine learning

Introduction to R for Social Scientists book review by Sunil Gupta, SAS, CDISC and R Corporate Trainer and Author, Founder of R-Guru.com 

The authors do a good job of explaining why and how programmers should use R!  This book is ideal for social scientists but also good for all industries since it does not assume prior knowledge of R and also addresses R learning pain points.  The book examples are based on real-world applications and the R syntax is explained in easy to understand language.  The book is unique because it divides exercises into three levels: Easy, Intermediate and Advanced for all levels of R programmers.  The step-by-step guide helps new R programmers stay on the workflow as well as apply best practices.  The R examples show various options for each function which helps R programmers understand the function better.  Finally, the essential programming chapter is great since all R programmers need to learn and master these R concepts.  

Introduction to R for Social Scientists: A Tidy Programming Approach book cover

Extending R Book review by Sunil Gupta, SAS, CDISC and R Corporate Trainer and Author, Founder of R-Guru.com 

True to the book’s name, Extending R is full of R history, scope, structure and applications.  R enthusiasts will be happy to access the comprehensive wealth of information, explanations and examples all in one place.  This unique book extends R with a separate section and chapters for each interface language. So, if you are a Python or Java programmer, for example, you can apply the programming tips to save you time when building applications. 

In the advanced technical world of R, this book helps guide programmers to object-oriented programming principles, classes, methods, fields, functions and packages.  Also included are data conversion sections to help with data and system migrations.  Extending R is a reference dictionary with a glossary of terms as well as research and mathematical analysis.

Extending R book cover  Extending R book Review

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