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Welcome to R Learning for SAS Programmers in the Pharma Industry! 

I look forward to helping you reach your R goals without the steep learning curve!  R-Guru is a unique and practical R learning resource hub for SAS Programmers making the transition to R.  R-Guru shows the basics of R setup, good programming style as well as data frame creation.  Easy to understand language shows  operations similar to SAS programming without the pain points!  Topics include data management, reporting, analysis and presentation.  Those in the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from SDTMs, ADaMs and TLF modules.  R examples from common and validated R packages:   Tidyerse, DPLYR, HAVENGTGTSUMMARYR Markdown, GGPLOT2and R Shiny are featured.   Join the R-Guru Community to start learning R today! (See Open House, See Flyer)

Anup Joshi, Director of Data Management, Vita Data Sciences (See more R student testimonials)

'I was R training certified on Coursera and yet I struggled with R concepts and syntax. Sunil made R very easy to understand from biometrics standpoint! His exercises on R guru tailored for our clinical research domain makes it easy and fast to learn. After attending several of his sessions, am now convinced that our organization can start using R as a language with help from R-Guru ‘s in depth & easy to use material! Thank you, Sunil, for all the hard work!'

R-Guru Resource Hub is a curation of R resources and tips for easier search and navigation.  The pharmaceutical industry along with CDISC and FDA is making the transition to accept R programs in clinical study submissions. My unique practical R online class is focused on duplicating SAS programming methods as well as showing how to create SDTMs, ADaMs, Tables, Lists and Graphs.  Ask me about my R corporate classes!  Enrollment is now open for the next R-Guru Open Class from June 9 to August 3.

Free Two-Hour Workshop for R-Guru Members: Guide to Developing R Shiny Apps

Practical R for SAS Statistical Programmers with Pharma Focus Class   

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