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Eight Weeks Self-Study Class: Start on Your Schedule (Videos require password)

Self-Study Program: 1:1 Web Sessions + Student Journal + Weekly Videos + Hands-on Exercises


View Videos, Lesson’s Outline in R-Guru.com
Lectures Recorded Live weekly lectures, Questions and Answers
Assignments Hands-On R Exercises, Copy/Paste/Update/Run, Papers
Discussions, Questions & Answers Student Journal – Progress, Key Concepts, Fill-in, Questions
Student Presentations 5 – 8 minutes presentation or demo on one R topic

Week 1. What is R, Getting Data into R Week 5. DPLYR for SQL and %>% Piping
Week 2. Create and Manage Data Frames Week 6. Create SDTMs
Week 3. Join, Summarize and Transpose Data Frames Week 7. Create ADaMs
Week 4. Tidyverse Data Management Operations Week 8. Tables, Graphs



Mathura Ramanathan, Statistical Programming & CDISC Standards Consultant

R-Guru.com is a wealth of treasures and information for anyone who is motivated to get ready for R.

Amole Palande, Director, Statistical Programming at Chinook Therapeutics, Inc. A Novartis Company

I enjoyed learning R and believe I will be able to leverage/advance this knowledge as needed in my career.

Ekaterina Rudenko, Statistician

I liked that there was a lot of information packed in a precise manner. I feel like I learned a lot in just those 6 weeks.

Master Concepts: Getting Started with R, Data Structures, R Packages and Scripts, Descriptive Statistics, Statistical Graphs, Working with Messy Data, Conditionals, Controls and Functions, SQL and R

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