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The pharmaceutical industy has quickly adapted to embrace R!  The pharmaverse concept is created as a collaboration amoung top pharma and industy organizatins for open-source solutions.  Organizations now have the option to continue programming in R using common packages or use the packages from pharmaverse to get a jump start.  This page is designed to help guide you using pharmaverse packages.

Pharmaverse has R packages that work as modules to help in the CDISC submission process.  Organizations can plan to understand and start to incoporate R packages as needed to grow.  See new to clinical data and new to CDISC to learn about the basics.  Note that the SDTMs and ADaMs pages within R-Guru utilize base R and other non-Pharmaverse packages. 

  • # Metadata functions: contents(), names(), rename(), label(), contains(), starts_with(), ends_with()
  • print(contents(df), maxlevels=10, levelType='table') # requires hmisc package
  • names(adsl)= tolower(names(adsl)) # lower case all variable names, toupper()
  • df <- df %>% rename(vr_new = vr_old) # rename variables
  • label(df$vr1) <- 'My Label' # assign variable labels
  • df2 <- df1 %>% select(-contains('vr1')) # drop variables names that contain vr1
  • df <- select (vr1, vr10:vr15, starts_with("L")) # select vr1, vr10 to vr15
  • variables by order and variables that start with L, ends_with()