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Five Star Testimonials from Raving Students!

Anup Joshi, Director of Data Management, Vita Data Sciences 

I was R training certified on Coursera and yet I struggled with R concepts and syntax. Sunil made R very easy to understand from biometrics standpoint! His exercises on R guru tailored for our clinical research domain makes it easy and fast to learn. After attending several of his sessions, am now convinced that our organization can start using R as a language with help from R-Guru ‘s in depth & easy to use material! Thank you, Sunil, for all the hard work!

Enesh Vashisht, Statistical Programmer

I'm thrilled to announce that I've successfully completed the R programming language certification under the expert guidance of the amazing mentor, Sunil Gupta, at R Guru.  Throughout this journey, I've dived deep into the world of clinical data analysis and manipulation, learning how to create SDTM, ADAM, and TFLs using various R packages. I've honed my skills in a range of essential R packages including Pharmaverse, dplyr, Tidyverse, haven, Hmisc, lubridate, tidyr, gtable, and gtsummary.

Importing and exporting data using packages like readxl and writexl.  A huge shoutout to Sunil Gupta for his exceptional mentorship, guidance, and wealth of knowledge. His passion for R programming is infectious, and I'm grateful for the invaluable insights I've gained through this certification.  Here's to embracing continuous learning and growth in the world of data analysis!  Looking forward to applying my newly acquired skills to drive meaningful insights and innovations.

Sylvia Madela Moleboheng, SAS Programmer

Enrolling in Sunil Gupta's R for SAS programming classes has been an incredibly enriching experience that has facilitated a seamless transition from SAS to R. Sunil's teaching methodology is exceptional, as he effortlessly simplifies complex concepts, making them accessible and understandable. As a seasoned SAS programmer, I was amazed at how Sunil's course catered specifically to my background, aiding me in grasping R's intricacies more effectively.

Through his course, I not only acquired the skills to manage data proficiently but also gained the expertise to program SDTMs, ADaMs, and TFLs in R. Sunil's approach focused on highlighting the similarities and differences between SAS and R, making the learning process both insightful and efficient. This bridge he built between the two languages allowed me to leverage my existing SAS knowledge to easily comprehend and apply R concepts.

What sets Sunil apart is his adeptness at structuring the course to cater to SAS programmers, ensuring a smooth transition to R. His emphasis on using various packages not only expanded my programming toolkit but also provided practical insights into real-world applications. This hands-on approach, along with his patient guidance, truly accelerated my learning curve.

I am genuinely grateful for Sunil's dedication to imparting practical knowledge and empowering SAS programmers like myself to confidently embrace R. The skills I've acquired through his course have not only enriched my professional capabilities but have also broadened my horizons in the world of programming. I wholeheartedly recommend Sunil Gupta's classes to anyone seeking to expand their programming skills, navigate the SAS to R transition, and embark on a journey of continuous growth in this dynamic field. 

Sreeja M., Senior Statistical Programmer

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Sunil Gupta for his exceptional training on R for SAS Programmers. The course has been an invaluable resource that has greatly enhanced my understanding of R programming. Sunil's clear and concise teaching style made the transition to R remarkably smooth, allowing me to grasp complex concepts with ease. His insightful explanations and practical examples demonstrated how R can be seamlessly integrated into my existing SAS skillset, opening up new avenues for data analysis. Thank you so much for this wonderful training.

Sandeep Mallepally, Senior Statistical Programmer II, Vita Data Sciences

Thank you for guiding us throughout the course. The content and explanations were clear, improving my confidence in writing and reading R programs.

Dharmendra Tirumalasetti, Associate Director of Statistical Programming, Wave Life Sciences 

One of the best trainings on R for SAS programmers and the cheat sheets are amazingly helpful. The R-Guru website is such a great place to look for any help on R programming with lots of information and examples.

Mark McLaughlin, Senior Director, Statistical Computing, Wave Life Sciences

Thanks Sunil! I’m happy to provide feedback on the class, as I’ve found it extremely helpful even after having started it halfway through. I’ve taken online R classes before but none of them have been geared towards SAS programmers nor towards those who work in the biotech/pharm industry. This is the first R course I’ve taken where concepts which are second nature to an R programmer made sense to my SAS brain. Your ability from the start to translate the things that we do every day in SAS to how they’re done in R made each subsequent lesson that much easier to manage. I’m looking forward to eventually seeing how we can incorporate R into our work beyond just generating really nice figures.

Sylvia Moleboheng, Senior Statistical Programmer, MMS

I am enjoying the class. I am learning a lot and I thought it was going to take me long to grasp some concepts but funny enough that's not the case. There's still a lot of concepts to fork through, but I like that I have some that I find easier to get, while others I will get with time.

Qian Yi Tan, High School Senior

I enjoyed the R class. I liked that I was able to pace myself and learn through application of sample code. I did learn to program better with the R class. Compared to my previous R class, this program was much more extensive. Your class was structured in a way that covered the different steps of coding for the Pharma industry such as learning basic data management operations, then creating SDTMs and ADAMs, and then creating graphs and tables based on those data frames. The website was organized very well with external links that to further explain the concept when I was confused. 

Ekaterina Rudenko, Statistician

I liked that there was a lot of information packed in a precise manner. I feel like I learned a lot in just those 6 weeks.

Thomas Macaluso, Programmer

I see the value of R Guru in that it has everything in one place.

Arpine Melkonyan, Statistical Programmer, The Gurus

Thank you for your contribution and the knowledge that you shared with us, it was a great pleasure to work with you.

Emili Khachatryan, Statistical Programmer, The Gurus

Thanks for sharing Cheat Sheet, and thanks for teaching us R during these weeks.It was really useful.

Hayk Nazaryan, Statistical Programmer, The Gurus

Thank you for the knowledge that you shared with us.

Armine Arzumanyan, Statistical Programmer, The Gurus

Thank you very much. It was a great pleasure to learn R with you.

Zhanna Grigoryan, Statistical Programmer, The Gurus

Thank you very much for all trainings and knowledges.

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