Below are levels for learning R Programming: Setup, Basic, Advanced and Pharmaceutical Industry. Apply Best Practices in R Programming. 

R-Guru is designed to reduce the steep learning curve by applying the process below:

  • What is your motivation for learning R?
  • Within R-Guru, navigate from left to right and top to bottom. 
  • Learn R by copying and pasting simple R examples from R-Guru pages.
  • First type and run basic R syntax and then copy and paste R examples.
  • Apply 20/80 rule to learn most common R packages: tidyverse, dplyr, ggplot.
  • Work on structured projects - Data Import, Data Management, Data Summary and Reporting.
  • Build your project.
  • Continue learning R. 

Tasks for learning setup for R Programming: Importing Data into R Data Frames

Tasks for learning R Programming for Pharmaceutical Industry: SDTMs > ADaMs > Tables, Lists and Graphs

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